Superyacht Crew Tip for the day 5: Ask for help

Posted on 10th September 2015 by
The tip for today is a simple one. If you do not know the answer to a question, ask for help. This might sound like the most simple piece of advice you have ever been given, after all in your…

Offshore Disclosure Facility: What is it?

Posted on 8th September 2015 by
This week we had the opportunity to sit down with our specialist tax partners for a Q&A session on the Offshore Disclosures Facility. Read on as this is very important and effects almost all crew working in the Superyacht industry

Superyacht Crew Tip for the Day 3: Legal

Posted on 20th August 2015 by
Next in the crew tips series are a couple of legal items which most of you will have heard, some of you will have acted on one but very few will have both organised. I am not talking about staying…

Lasting Power of Attorney

Posted on 20th August 2015 by
What is a Lasting Power of Attorney? Lasting Powers of Attorney are legal documents, which appoint an Attorney to look after your affairs. An Attorney is the trusted person you choose to make decisions on your behalf should you become…

Superyacht Crew Tip for the Day 2: Currency Exchange

Posted on 19th August 2015 by
Todays Yacht Crew Tip is: Manage your Currency Exchange Something a lot of you do not pay attention to is currency exchange. Due to your job, the fact that you get paid in a variety of currencies, bank in a…

Mortgages for Yacht Crew

Posted on 18th August 2015 by
A great deal of yacht crew have been contacting us recently about mortgages or, more specifically the fact that they can’t get one. As a Yachtie there are a few things which are great about your job which can also…

Superyacht Crew Tip for the day 1: Banking

Posted on 18th August 2015 by
Todays Yacht Crew tip is REVIEW your banking situation:   A lot of crew we talk to bank offshore. If this is you can you answer the question WHY you do this? If not maybe it is time to have…

Saving is easy. Isn't it? SuperYacht crew have no excuses

Posted on 5th August 2015 by
We have talked about tax, disclosure of your income and also some of the pitfalls associated with both over the last month or two. Now it is time to get to the reason most of you get into yachting in…

New to Superyachts? 5 Simple steps to consider.

Posted on 5th August 2015 by
The summer tends to be the time when a lot of people finish school, college, or University and find themselves at a loose end. Going back quite a few years this is how I actually got into the Superyacht industry.…