Together we’ll put your plan in place.

We have two membership options specially tailored to Crew.

PREFERRED is our starter membership which gives you access to our advice at any time and also to the services provided by our partners. By signing up with us you will be given a username and password which in turn will give you the ability to contact any of our partners directly through the website. This does not include a tax return.

Choose this option if YOU ARE NOT A BRITISH RESIDENT

With PREFERRED PLUS we start with a personal consultation to ensure we understand your situation and financial goals. Your annual UK tax return is included with your membership. Plus access to everything you get with Preferred Membership.

This membership includes ONE UK tax return per year.

Choose this option if YOU ARE A BRITISH RESIDENT

All membership transactions are handled securely on our behalf by Paypal.

Please note that Crew Family Office operates a recurring annual subscription which will be set up automatically when you join us. If you do not wish your membership to auto renew you are free to cancel your subscription at any time but we cannot do this for you as it is controlled by you.

If you would like to view or download our membership terms and conditions please click here.