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Currency exchange doesn’t have to be complicated, and with the right guidance you can make sure that none of your money gets lost in translation.

This is one area yacht crew always seem to lose out. Because you will invariably be paid in either Euros or USD there will always be at least one currency exchange per month, probably many more. This means that, unless you are well set up for currency exchange you will more than likely be paying or spending more than necessary on currency exchange.

Crew Family Office has come up with the solution and has partnered with a very well established FX trading firm who will help you to ensure these costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

Our FX partner, unlike most banks doesn’t charge transfer fees or commission, and whatever amount you’re transferring will always offer the best possible exchange rate. So if you’re looking to purchase a foreign property, have wages to manage, a pension to handle or overseas mortgage payments to meet, their reliable and individually tailored range of services for both regular and one-off transfers could be just what you need.

With specialist insight, first-class services (such as the option of securing a rate for up to a year in advance of a trade) and secure, automatic transactions they make it as simple as possible to save substantial amounts whether you’re transferring £1,000 or £1,000,000.

As the currency market is so volatile, with exchange rates fluctuating by up to 10% in a matter of weeks, transferring your funds at the right time could save you thousands. However, knowing when to make a trade can be tricky, so our partners monitor market movements and currency trends for our members and keep them informed of developments, ensuring that they’re able to benefit from any favourable shifts and protect their assets from negative ones.

Our members are also assigned their own personal Account Manager, a dedicated individual who’s always on hand to share their expertise, provide support and look after your interests.

From providing a cost-effective way of paying an overseas mortgage to monthly transfers to cover your outgoings, we do everything we can to save you time, money and hassle.

To open an account and start to reduce your annual costs simply – call or email us and we will take care of the rest.