It's Property Investment time

Posted on 14th August 2020 by
Working on a Superyacht can provide you with some great opportunities such as property investment. But did you know what the result of this could be? Early Retirement We thought this would get your attention but it really is something…

Offshore Disclosure: Should I be Scared?

Posted on 10th August 2020 by
If you are Superyacht Crew you MUST declare your income: *This article is aimed at British Superyacht Crew but the rules are similar in most countries. There’s nothing wrong with earning money offshore as long as you declare all income…

Offshore Banking: What's the point?

Posted on 3rd August 2020 by
Offshore banking has never seen so much press coverage as it has lately.

So, What is Crew Family Office?

Posted on 22nd June 2020 by
A family office is a relatively new thing. Wikipedia describes it as “a privately held company that handles investment management and wealth management for a wealthy family. The goal being to effectively grow and transfer wealth across generations. The company’s financial…

Have you Made it?

Posted on 22nd April 2020 by
Have you Made it? Your Escape Plan Check list that is? Last time we talked about the importance of an Escape Plan. As most of you know, working on a Superyacht is not a lifetime career for most people. The…

COVID 19 advice for Crew

Posted on 22nd April 2020 by
A little advice for UK Superyacht Crew regarding COVID – 19 We have been contacted by a lot of Yacht Crew regarding their jobs and COVID 19. There are a number of Yachts making crew redundant and also a fair…

The Escape Plan

Posted on 11th March 2020 by
Does anyone Join the Superyacht industry with a plan to leave? Most of you would say no but the reality is that lots of crew are now making an escape plan. The reason for this is that a lot of…

How Safe is your Wealth?

Posted on 12th February 2020 by
How safe is your wealth? Like so many professions, being in the superyacht industry is all about working hard and saving as much as you can. However, unlike other jobs, the potential to accumulate wealth over a relatively short period…

Scottish Property Opportunity

Posted on 20th January 2020 by
Welcome to our latest  exciting property opportunity. You are on this page because you are an existing CrewFO investor, have received our newsletter  or have seen one of our posts on social media.  This page provides some basic information about…

The Perfect Crew bank account is now LIVE

Posted on 7th January 2020 by
Bank accounts are a nightmare aren’t they? It is virtually impossible as crew to have an account which allows you to do everything efficiently.

Are you investment Smart?

Posted on 5th November 2018 by
Welcome to the inaugural CREWFO investment newsletter, where we discuss opportunities specifically relevant to Superyacht Crew. As you may be aware, all CREWFO members receive a free financial plan as part of their membership, email if you would like…

Property buying made easy for Crew

Posted on 8th February 2018 by
Buying property is, as we here all the time “a total no brainer” It is more popular by far than investing in stocks and shares, ISA’s, pensions etc as people feel they know where they stand with bricks and mortar.…