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The tip for today is a simple one. If you do not know the answer to a question, ask for help.

Sound like the most simple piece of advice you have ever been given? What you would do if you were stuck with something?

Ask for help

In the age of the smart phone, tablet, Google, social media etc most people can find the answer to anything online. Normally this is true but think about this. Asking a question on social media these days is just like asking friends in the pub.  A lot of the time you get what others think is the right answer. You will also get a lot of opinion, or total rubbish! Sometimes you will get facts, i.e. the right answer. But, you have no way of knowing which is which.

If you need the right answer to a really important question, one where the wrong answer may cost you a lot of money, change your life or worse what would you do?

a) Ask your friends and hope someone knows?

b) Try social media?

c) Ask a specialist?

A and B are a good place to start but you can’t guarantee the answer you get is right.

Would you risk it?

I didn’t think so. Therefore you are left with option C. This may cost you a little bit of money as it is professional advice. But, in the long run this is a tiny % of what it could cost you if you got it wrong.

The Tip for the day today may seem like the most sensible thing ever to a lot of you. When it comes to your life and your future why take the risk? ASK FOR HELP

What’s your point?

What we’re getting at here is this: Your financial affairs are very important to you, or at least should be. Get it right and life is easy, get it wrong and all of a sudden you could have a life full of debt, black marks against your name and credit issues etc.

The advice of a professional means you can happily go about your business knowing you are in safe hands. So why don’t you all do this?

Lots of you ask for help:

We have been talking to a lot of Superyacht more crew recently. They have contacted us because they have seen us on Facebook, visited our website, read our articles, or been referred by friends. All the crew we talk to have one thing in common. All of them need help with either their tax, banking, investments, mortgages, property investment, insurance or all of the above.

Most crew don’t call for a chat, they call because they are tired of worrying about these things, can’t find the answers and want to sort out their problems. They ask for help


The main question is always tax. “Where do I stand?” “What is my tax situation?”. This is a big deal at the moment and something you need to understand clearly. You need to know what you are supposed to be doing, and then do it.

Yes, there are lots of forums where a huge amount of information is posted. Is this info correct? It could be. But, what is correct for one person may not necessarily be correct for another. There are lots of rules, tests, checks etc in place which determine your tax situation for example. What may be correct for one crew member on your yacht may not be correct for you.

If you haven’t talked to us yet, pick up the phone or message us. Getting in touch is free and is a step in the right direction. There is only one way to guarantee the information you have is right for you. That is to talk to someone about your situation.

What do we do?

Here’s the bit you will hopefully like. At Crew Family Office we are happy to talk for as long as it takes, free of charge.

We want to know about your situation, your nationality, residential and tax status and all the things you are concerned about. Let’s talk through all your questions and give you a clear answer. If we aren’t able to help we will tell you and try and guide you to someone who can help. This has never happened but there is always a first time.

If we can help, we will tell you what we can do and, if you are happy for us to do this we will ask you to join us. Membership costs from £30 per year and we will be 100% clear about any costs associated with fixing your problems. These will generally be taken care of by one of our partners but we will never pass you over until you are clear of the costs and are happy with them.

Therefore, if you need to talk to us what is stopping you. ASK FOR HELP. Pick up the phone, email, or post on our Facebook page. We will always answer.

The longer you leave it the harder it is to fix.

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