How to Save

Posted on 25th September 2020 by
How to save: This is something we are asked about all the time. Superyacht crew can find saving very difficult. But why is this? We decided to ask some crew to find out. Here are some of the answers we…

The Superyacht Trap

Posted on 18th September 2020 by
Most Superyacht crew have some time off each year. A lot of you, as I am sure you will agree are the envy of all your friends “back home”. You go home on holiday looking really healthy. On top of…

Superyacht Crew: Are you Mortgage Fit?

Posted on 11th September 2020 by
How to get ‘mortgage fit’…… We get a lot of Superyacht Crew contacting us about mortgages because, as most of you are aware this is a great long term investment opportunity. However, this is something that cannot be rushed. It…

Why don't you own property?

Posted on 4th September 2020 by
Property Investment, we are told all the time is “a total no brainer” for Superyacht Crew. It is more popular by far than investing in stocks and shares, ISA’s, pensions etc. Crew feel they know where they stand with bricks…

You spent how much?

Posted on 28th August 2020 by
One thing we talk to Superyacht Crew about a lot is budgeting. Whether you are saving for something specific, trying to be careful with your money or simply like to be in control. Having an idea of how much money…

Tax returns: Do you need to do one?

Posted on 21st August 2020 by
There are a variety of reasons to file a tax return. Most of the time it is because it is a legal requirement. There lots of benefits to filing a return, whether you are legally required to or not We…

It's Property Investment time

Posted on 14th August 2020 by
Working on a Superyacht can provide you with some great opportunities such as property investment. But did you know what the result of this could be? Early Retirement We thought this would get your attention but it really is something…

Offshore Disclosure: Should I be Scared?

Posted on 10th August 2020 by
If you are Superyacht Crew you MUST declare your income: *This article is aimed at British Superyacht Crew but the rules are similar in most countries. There’s nothing wrong with earning money offshore as long as you declare all income…

Foreign Exchange: Why is it so important?

Posted on 7th August 2020 by
One thing that can really complicate the life of Superyacht Crew is Foreign Exchange or FX. Let’s look at an example: Sarah has just started her first job on a Superyacht. She is from the UK and has a bank…

Offshore Banking: What's the point?

Posted on 3rd August 2020 by
Offshore banking has never seen so much press coverage as it has lately.

Things new Yacht crew need to know

Posted on 24th July 2020 by
You’ve just got your first job on a Superyacht. Here are some things that are essential to know Offshore banks are totally unnecessary! Not many people will tell you this as offshore banks normally pay referral fees to anyone who…

Superyacht Crew: 5 Ways to stop Wasting Your Money

Posted on 21st July 2020 by
We talk to a lot of Superyacht crew every day, as you can imagine and something that has become clear to us (and now a lot of crew) is this. Nobody realises how much money they waste each month. So…