So, What is Crew Family Office?

Posted on 27th November 2020 by
Crew family office is the answer to your financial questions. Crew Family office, or A Family Office is “A company that looks after investments and wealth management for a family or individual. The goal being to increase that wealth across generations.  Family offices…

Foreign Exchange: Why is it so important?

Posted on 20th November 2020 by
One thing that can really complicate the life of Superyacht Crew is Foreign Exchange or FX. If you are not using an FX company the chances are you are losing a decent amount of money every month for no reason.…

Reasons to File your Tax Return

Posted on 12th November 2020 by
Some very good reasons to file your tax return. 

Abuse in Yachting: It still exists

Posted on 5th November 2020 by
Abuse in Yachting still exists. A lot of you are probably reading this and thinking, “I didn’t know it existed in the first place, never mind still“. Abuse exists in many forms and, judging by the amount of calls and…

Things new SuperYacht crew need to know

Posted on 30th October 2020 by
You’ve just got your first job on a Superyacht. Here are some things that are essential to know Offshore banks are totally unnecessary! Not many people will tell you this as offshore banks normally pay referral fees to anyone who…

Make an easy £50k

Posted on 16th October 2020 by
Make Easy Money! How many times have you seen something like “make easy money” on Social Media? You follow the link and end up getting spammed for the rest of your life? Luckily for you this isn’t one of those…

What are you hiding from?

Posted on 9th October 2020 by
UK Superyacht Crew: Do you file a Tax Return? Over the last few years the Tax Return has been the most popular subject amongst Superyacht Crew.  Your responsibilities and liabilities when it comes to tax, offshore income and ensuring you…

Win a Rolex

Posted on 2nd October 2020 by
Win a Rolex! Yes we know a lot of you will have seen our competition on social media in the past and thought “Click bait”. But, those of you who know us know this is the real deal. We do…

Retire Young

Posted on 2nd October 2020 by
Everyone wants to retire young.  Work hard, earn lots of money whilst you are young, spend the rest of your life relaxing! That’s the dream isn’t it? But how do you do it? Lots of us get into Superyachts for…

How to Save

Posted on 25th September 2020 by
How to save: This is something we are asked about all the time. Superyacht crew can find saving very difficult. But why is this? We decided to ask some crew to find out. Here are some of the answers we…

The Superyacht Trap

Posted on 18th September 2020 by
Most Superyacht crew have some time off each year. A lot of you, as I am sure you will agree are the envy of all your friends “back home”. You go home on holiday looking really healthy. On top of…

Superyacht Crew: Are you Mortgage Fit?

Posted on 11th September 2020 by
How to get ‘mortgage fit’…… We get a lot of Superyacht Crew contacting us about mortgages because, as most of you are aware this is a great long term investment opportunity. However, this is something that cannot be rushed. It…