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Introducing Crew Family Office.

Crew Family Office (Crew FO) is an updated and rebranded service developed specifically to serve the needs of Superyacht crew all over the world.

People pursue a career in the Superyacht industry for a number of reasons these days. These include anything from “I’m doing it to save money and get ahead in life” to “It’s a professional career decision” or “I want to work hard, save and retire early”. The key theme across the industry is that as Superyacht crew you earn a good income and, the majority of the time pay little or no tax on your earnings.

Add to this the fact that you have no living expenses, no travel expenses, no medical expenses, and someone else even pays for your toiletries and life seems pretty good. It is easy to understand why you, as crew embark upon this career as the opportunity to save money for your future is huge.


Over the years some of our team (who are ex yachties), our clients, and partners have commented on the fact that although Superyacht crew could be in a great position as far as savings and investments are concerned, nobody can really explain the situation to you in simple terms or point you in the right direction when it comes to your future.

Therefore, with our combined background in yachting and financial services we have developed a comprehensive service just for Superyacht crew to assist with the often-complicated task of arranging your financial, tax and legal affairs.


Our services include:


Tax advice and tax returns

Many yacht crew think they know their tax situation but most are wrong. We will clarify this and, if required compile and submit your annual tax return for you. This ensures you can never be pursued for back taxes.


Legal support including Wills and Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney is a very useful tool for Superyacht crew. This allows you to authorize someone to pay bills and take care of banking, mortgages and other utilities on your behalf. A will is essential for everyone regardless of career to avoid huge complications if the worst were to happen.


Financial planning, Wealth management and Investments

Because you work offshore there are a special range of investment products and services that may be available to you. Investing in domestic tax-free plans in the UK or wherever is home for you is often misguided, as the main reason is the taxation benefit. This is of little benefit to you; therefore looking at this from a different angle is the key. We provide specialist advice to those in the offshore industry so you can maximize your earnings during your time offshore.



All Superyacht crew at some point or another have an issue with their bank. Whether it is charges, exchange rates or simply the fact that you can’t get a €uro debit card. We work closely with a number of banks to ensure that this problem is solved, therefore providing you with the solution you need.



We have developed a bespoke policy, which covers you personally for the length of your yachting career against injury and illness. This policy is backed by a major insurer and is available exclusively to CFO members. On top of this you also receive personal belongings cover (laptops, cameras, phones, watches) for times when the worst happens. This is a yachting industry first and something the industry has needed for a long time.



Always a sore point with yacht crew. We will advise you on not only the best way to ensure you are eligible for a mortgage but also introduce you to our mortgage specialists who will source you the most suitable product


Currency exchange

Have you ever added up the amount of money you waste every year transferring funds from one account to another? We can reduce this for you massively by setting you up with a simple F/X trading account. This, combined with the correct bank account will save you a large amount of money each year in transfer fees and favourable rates alone. 



At Crew FO we take your personal wealth, tax and legal situation very seriously. We are here to help and are happy to offer you a free, no obligation initial consultation. 

We respect your privacy and all enquiries are treated in the strictest of confidence at all times.


Contact us to discuss any of your questions, no matter how simple or complicated by any of the means below.


Phone: +44 203 290 2031

Some of the solutions provided by the Crew Family Office are provided by external service providers who are appropriately regulated and authorised to provide those services within the jurisdictions as appropriate. 

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