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Crew family office is the answer to your financial questions.

Crew Family office, or A Family Office is “A company that looks after investments and wealth management for a family or individual. The goal being to increase that wealth across generations.  Family offices also handle tasks such as property management, day-to-day accounting, tax, and management of legal affairs.” 

Crew Family Office is EXACTLY the same, but we only do it for crew. Hence the name Crew Family Office

With us, you are the Family and we look after your financial affairs. Whether it is your Tax, bank accounts, savings, investments, properties, mortgages or long term financial plans, we are here for you.

At Crew Family Office this is what we do

As part of our service we make sure that you;

Earn in the most efficient way possible. This includes;

    • Getting paid into an appropriate bank account
    • Ensure you are doing the right thing tax wise
    • Make sure you are 100% legal and above board financially

Plan for your future after Yachting. This includes;

    • Preparing a personal plan based on your long term goals
    • Make sure you follow the plan by helping with….
    • Pensions, savings and investments
    • Property and mortgages
    • Avoid unnecessary costs
    • Provide constant, unbiased advice.

How it works

Crew Family Office works on an annual membership basis which means you pay us once a year for access to all of our services. Depending on membership level your annual tax return is also included in the price. (Preferred Plus membership at £220 per year includes one annual tax return)

What we do

We are always available to help with solutions to problems, advise on long term goals, listen to a business idea and even talk about life after yachting. After all, we have been there ourselves. Mark Upton, our founder worked on yachts for many years and openly admits Crew Family Office exists because of the mistakes he made during his yachting career. We are here to help you avoid the mistakes so many Yacht Crew still make.

A lot of Superyacht Crew simply need pointing in the right direction when it comes to finances. There are a lot of things to keep up with when you work offshore, get paid in various currencies and spend time in so many countries. There are also a lot of opportunities out there. Some are great, others not so great. We are here to help you spot the difference and make your life after yachting financially stable.

As a company these are our services:

Tax advice and a tax return filing service for UK crew. This is provided by our in house chartered accountant.

Investment advice and wealth management. This covers everything from setting up your first ISA to pensions, stocks and shares and much more. Provided by our regulated financial advisors.

Mortgages. We know a lot of crew find these a bit tricky to get sometimes. Our regulated mortgage Brokers have a 100% success rate with getting mortgages for crew. If we can’t help, we will tell you. And, we definitely won’t charge you for trying!

Property search and property investment advice: We will not only help you find the perfect buy to let, we also have a team of letting agents who will manage it for you too.

Foreign Exchange: Another area where Crew lose a lot of money without realising. We not only have access to a great new bank account but also much better exchange rates than your banks offer.

What we don’t do

We hear lots of horror stories in the yachting press. Everything from Financial advisors “ripping off” crew to mortgage companies charging a fee up front. We even heard one this week about a tax company asking crew to complete their own tax returns, and still charging a fee for it! There are lots more horror stories out there. These happen because the world, in particular the Superyacht industry has a lot of companies who will take advantage of you. These are all the things we don’t do;

  • Take advantage of crew
  • Charge unfair fees for services
  • Treat our customers like idiots
  • Refer crew to companies or partners we have not thoroughly checked and trained.
  • Work with unregulated or unqualified professionals
  • Behave unprofessionally or immorally
  • Charge for advice or guidance. This is what we are here for. We never have and never will charge our members for advice.

For your safety and peace of mind all our specialists are fully regulated in the UK. This means you are safe from all the scammers and cheats out there.

We are here to help you make the most of your money during your time in Yachting so you don’t have to worry when the time comes to leave.



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