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Almost all Superyacht Crew make property investment part of their Escape Plan 

If you haven’t started doing this yet it’s probably time you gave us a call!

Almost all Superyacht Crew are very keen to invest in property. It provides a passive income and pays the mortgage whilst you are away. Once you come home the mortgage is clear and the income can supplement or completely replace your salary. We look at property investment as an essential part of your Escape Plan

The only problem most have is finding the time to buy. When you are home on holiday a couple of weeks is never enough.

Our property specialists will source the right property for you and explain clearly what this means to you in financial terms. They can arrange the purchase on your behalf and manage the property for you once it is purchased.

All this means is you get your money working for you faster so you can buy your next property quicker….

You don’t have to do anything other than buy the property. Stress free property investments with Crew Family Office.

“CREWFO guided me through the process of investing in property to ensure I make the best returns. They explained how it works, the best areas to buy and even helped me find my first property. They even helped me with the mortgage and the management of the property. I’m now on my 3rd property with them and couldn’t be happier.” J. Hughes: 2nd Officer