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Bank accounts are a nightmare aren’t they? It is virtually impossible as crew to have an account which allows you to do everything efficiently.

Think of all the issues relating to banking that you have during your time on yachts, such as;

Getting paid into an account the same currency as your salary

Having a card that is the same currency as the country you are in

Moving money in one currency to your home account in another currency

Bank fees

Minimum balances

Card charges

Foreign currency charges

These are all common problems faced by crew and for years we have been helping 1000’s of you reduce the hassle and the expense of banking. But, there is no perfect solution. It will never be free and will never be extremely simple as you need to use various FX companies, pre paid cards and banks which combined all work well and save a lot of money but there is still the fact that there isn’t a one stop solution.

Offshore banking is worse still. Lots of you have moved away from offshore recently as the benefits aren’t there anymore. Add to this the really high fees, minimum balances, exchange rates and card charges and you can see why Offshore banking is about to become a thing of the past.

Here is something which will revolutionise the face of banking for Yacht Crew. One bank account that does all of the things we mentioned above. It offers;

  • Multi currency accounts in any currency you like from GBP to EURO, to USD, NZ$, AUS$ and ZAR plus many more.
  • It operates on an FX platform so you can move money from one currency to another as you need it at a preferential rate, no more FX companies
  • It comes with a debit card linked to your account which can be switched to operate in any currency you choose via internet banking. So you can spend USD one day and EUROS the next.


The account will be open to any nationality in any currency and as long as you can provide proof of ID and proof of address when you apply you can have an account.

This bank account is set to change the way Superyacht crew bank regardless of nationality or currency and only uses ONE card regardless of currency which is almost unheard of in banking.

Sounds like a dream come true doesn’t it? Well it’s available now, but only via us. The debit card part isn’t quite ready yet but if you set up the account now you will be given the debit card option as soon as it is available.

If this sounds like the bank account you have been looking for then please complete the form below to register your interest. The team will be in touch so you can open an account and start making the most of it.

Crew Bank account form

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