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Have you Made it? Your Escape Plan Check list that is?

Last time we talked about the importance of an Escape Plan.

As most of you know, working on a Superyacht is not a lifetime career for most people. The reality is that the majority of Crew do it for the travel, lifestyle and of course the money.

We know most of you have the travel and lifestyle bit worked out but what about the money? Yes, we know you get paid and that is all fine but the key to the Escape Plan is this;

Is your money working to make your escape plan possible?

Here is our check list for you to make sure you are on track for a nice, easy escape from Yachting.

  1. Plan your Escape. Everyone needs to have an idea how long they want to do this for and what they want to do next.
  2. Your goal: What do you want to achieve? Things like;
    1. Property: How much property income do you want?
    2. Savings: How much cash in the bank?
    3. Investments: Stocks and shares, ISA’s, Pensions. What are these going to pay you and when?
  3. How is all the above going to make your life after Yachting easier? What are you going to use this income for;
    1. Do you want to be able to not work at all? If so how much do you need per month?
    2. Is the money for something specific? For example buy your own house outright and have no mortgage
    3. Do you just want to make life a little easier? For example not having to work full time or have a “no stress” job?

Now you know what the plan is all about, now is the time to start putting it in place.


The next step for you is to actually Make the Plan. This is where we come in. Contact Us Here


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