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Working in the Superyacht industry has a great deal of benefits. Making the most of them is a little more difficult these days. Crew Family Office make sure you stay on the right side of the tax man, and most importantly the law...

Tax Services

Property & Mortgages

Most yacht crew look at investing in one form or another over their careers and a lot of the time nothing is a better investment than property. We have found that most yacht crew are very keen to invest in property as it provides a passive income and ...

Property and Mortgages

Wealth Management

Working in the Superyacht industry is all about saving as much as you can. We all get into the industry initially because we love sailing, the life at sea, and traveling. However, after a few years we are all happy to admit that the reason ...

Wealth Management

Foreign Exchange

Currency exchange doesn’t have to be complicated, and with the right guidance you can make sure that none of your money gets lost in translation This is one area yacht crew always seem to lose out. Because ...

Foreign Exchange

Legal Services

Our partner law firm is a new kind of law business driven by specialist expertise with one clear mission: to make your life easier. Using cutting edge technology they are able to give advice online and over the phone that in turn facilitates sensible...

Legal Services

Phone Tariffs

Crew Family Office is only too aware of the difficulities in trying to find reasonable phone tariffs for Superyacht crew. As a result we made it a priority, in association with our mobile phone partner, to put tariffs in place that will work for you ...

Phone Tariffs

Why Crew Family Office

Crew Family Office helps you save in the short term and make money in the long term.

About US

Crew Family Office is owned and run by people like you who have worked in the industry and know all too well the questions you have. We are not your typical corporate “suits” who have no idea what a yacht is!

About Us

Our Partners

We choose our partners to ensure the best possible service for Superyacht Crew. Our tax and financial partners understand you as they have been there and done it. They are ex-yachties, just like us who understand your situation.


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Every member gets a personal consultation to ensure we understand your situation and financial goals.

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A few Questions For You

The Superyacht industry has a great deal of benefits and for most this is a tax free salary.

Even though earning your salary tax free is still very straight forward, keeping it that way is a little more difficult these days.

Are you on the right side of the tax man and the law?

Working on a Superyacht is about saving as much as you can.

The plan is to leave yachting with a lot of investments, savings and property, providing security for life when you leave the industry.

So, what are you doing with this golden opportunity?

Most yacht crew are keen to invest in property. It provides a passive income and pays the mortgage whilst you are away.

A couple of weeks holiday is never enough time to find property and make the arrangements .

Where do you find the time to buy?

Working and banking offshore means a higher risk to lenders. Making it hard for crew to get a mortgage.

Our mortgage brokers understand yachting and have successfully arranged mortgages for a lot of our

Are you finding it hard to get a mortgage?

Offshore banking is no longer as attractive or useful as it once was.

The Offshore disclosures facility means that very soon your offshore income will be declared to your tax authority.

Is there a better option than to bank offshore?

Need Personal Insurance? It is difficult to buy if you don’t live anywhere!

Things like Life Cover, Personal Accident Cover, Travel, and Personal Belongings Cover have always been impossible for yacht crew to buy.

Having difficulty getting insurance cover?

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