Property buying made easy for Crew


Buying property is, as we here all the time “a total no brainer” It is more popular by far than investing in stocks and shares, ISA’s, pensions etc as people feel they know where they stand with bricks and mortar.

We have had this discussion hundreds of times both on the phone and via social media and there is a lot to be said for both as well as spreading your risk and your potential for growth. However, this article is not about starting an argument it is about the more popular investment option for crew which is by far and away property.

So, if this is so popular why do crew struggle so much to do it? The answer is two fold; [Read more…]

Tax returns: Is there any point?


There are a variety of reasons to file a tax return, most of the time it is because it is a legal requirement. There are some benefits to filing return regardless of whether you are legally required to or not and we have detailed some of these reasons below: [Read more…]

UK Tax penalties


Tax penalties are one of the most frustrating and expensive mistakes you can make. They are issued to you in the UK when you need to file a tax return and HMRC have issued you with a filing requirement. [Read more…]